A World That Passed Me By

A World That Passed Me By

When the brain is saying no
But the heart is saying yes
You don’t listen to your feelings
As you both stand there undressed
When gravity is pulling
At the flesh upon your bones
You take every chance your given
As you stand beneath your comb
Then you think about computers
And your favourite football team
And you hope to keep your end up to fulfil her every dream
The moon is on your pillow
And her voice is like a song
The words sound so familiar
But you may have got them wrong
It’s the love that we were born with
The love that made us cry
I can only watch in wonder at the world that passed me by

When the cradle so gently
And your friends stop coming round
You retreat into the sofa
As the late nights wear you down
Now the music in the background
As your hair is getting trimmed
On the salad and the sushi
Thinking hey you look so prim
But the quality is weakened
By the hours that you spend
Trying to build a million bridges that you know you’ll never mend

Is it fatal are you happy
Can your family take the strain
On the edge of sweet existence
With your fingers in the flame
With your feet up on the table
You can watch the seconds fly
Do you feel as if your living in a world that passed you by

All the drugs and all the drinking
All the tours around the world
Every heart I have invaded
Every precious little pearl
When you travel all this distance
Do you ever think you’ve stopped
Even when your destination
Isn’t where you thought you’d drop
It’s a journey of a lifetime
On a jet stream of release
I’m just happy to be breathing now my chances have increased
For a day that’s filled with promise
For a day that’s full of soul
Where the boundaries are not broken
By a challenge or a goal
It’s a spiritual journey it keeps me so alive
I’m no longer chasing shadows in a the world that passed me by

A World That Passed Me By


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