Come On Down

Come On Down

She said she saw the problem and wanted so to help
I told her I was useless I’d tightened up my belt
She lent me so much money I could have bought a yacht
But now I’m in the dog house I went and spent the lot

She said it’s not a problem I’ll take complete control
We dug ourselves together into a deeper hole
And now I have discovered it’s causing us to fight
I can’t pay back the money but I love her every night

She said I think it’s over unless you clear the debt
I’m walking round in pieces a gun put to my head
Her help has turned to anger and anger turns to pain
I owe her so much money I won’t do that again

She said you know I’m leaving I somehow knew she would
We both looked at the problem it wasn’t looking good
But when the cards are shuffled it seems she cut the pack
With all the Kings in her hand and mine a pile of blanks

I said I know the problem I’ve seen it many times
You think you have it sorted but then you cross those lines
That blur the very image you’re trying to preserve
She says she saw the problem and now she’s feeling hurt

Come on down because the price is right
Come on down I will pay you back in time
Until I do will you let me stay in love with you?

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