For A Change

For A Change

We used to be useless we lied all the time
Entwined with each other like two flames of the same fire
High on darkness
Engulfed in our lives
Two drunks on vacation

We couldn’t get any higher

We sat with each other
Out under the stars
No space for our journey but where we going
We walked up the beech ands tasted the sun its living and breathing
The things that evolved from the past had dissolved in the tears
We were weeping

We had time on our side for a change
We had time on our side for a change
We had time on our side for a change

You took all my feelings and rubbed them all out
Like chalk on a blackboard that sums up all of our meaning
Lost in anger
In fear of our lives
Our love in remission

It couldn’t get any colder

The kids were not born but the cord had been torn
In the tears we were weeping

We had time on our side
We had love in our soul
There was passion for life for a change

I was fleeced like a lamb
By the wolf from your womb
I was gone from my world for a change

We were lost in our hearts
With no reason to be
No new pressure in life for a change

Then our souls run away
And we let them escape
We could walk from ourselves for a change

EMI / Francis Dunnery Music / Chrysalis Music

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