Domestic Distortion

Domestic Distortion

Our ties have been broken I’ve pushed you aside somehow
We’ve lost some years but there’s still right here and now

I’m scared to see you
Excited and confused
You plucked up the courage to say
I want to meet with you

I’m guilty and fearful but we begin to click
As we discover the things that make us tick

Checking our baggage
Sharing our points of view
It’s time to grow up
And get to grips with you

Sliding from the shadows
Of our domestic distortion
Uncertainty has been the only thing I’m sure of
My feelings are elusive
Somewhere that I just will not go
Now we’re on a journey where it ends I don’t know

You say you’ve got a partner now and you have settled down
You’ve both had a little baby boy so I’m a granddad now

It’s a bit of a shock & it’s big news to me
I’ve got a problem with responsibility
The past is a closed book
Which I fucked up for you
And I’m really sorry that I didn’t have a clue

I’ve love for you somewhere
But I can’t guarantee
That our future will turn out any differently

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