Hot Shaved Asian Teens

Hot Shaved Asian Teens

Christ on a bicycle fruit of the loom
Puffy white clouds with the face of Mitchell Froom
Cracked rib laughing gas the udder leaks white
I’m scared to go to sleep by the glowing red light

Six more sheep and I’ll reach the top end
I’m falling down the stairs reaching for a friend
A six pack of shut eye full of kings and queens
Tonight I only dream of
Hot shaved Asian teens

Barking puppies floating on a river through the Zoo
I stuck a needle in my eye I’ve got the Japanese flu
Peaches and pears and rubbish on the floor
Clergymen are howling and knocking at my door

There’s a devil in the belly of a giant black snake
I’m curled up on the floor by a rusty garden rake
The lady in my bathroom stretches and preens
Tonight I’ll only dream of
Hot shaved Asian teens

Missionary foetal and positions with zest
Peeling back my eyelids putting best friends to the test
A spark will start a fire in my gas can of a heart
My creaky bones are rattling like a broken shopping cart

Your sleepy smile haunts me like a never-ending reel
My lungs are slowly tightening and growing hard as steel
The sky is upside down sprouting green green beans
Tonight I only dream of
Hot shaved Asian teens

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