Melancholy Emotion

Melancholy Emotion

Thinking about whatever I’ve got
I’m still around and plenty are not
I tighten my belt as the plane takes off
Melancholy emotion

The city below, I already miss
The choice for my meal is nothing I’d wish
A glass of red wine to go with my dish
Melancholy emotion

I’m on a white horse clippety clop
I’m being pursued my heads for the chop
I don’t understand I wish it would stop
Melancholy emotion

I woke with a start and then suddenly
What happened to you came back to me
You had been drinking
And fell in to the river
Straight to the bottom

Forgiven now by those you deceived
You had no shame for lines you had thieved
We all laughed then but now we all grieve
Melancholy emotion

No looking back just keep moving on
Dear in our hearts although you have gone
I’m saying goodbye and I want to prolong
Melancholy emotion

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