Ray & Me

Ray & Me

We’d play around on the bombsite at the bottom of our street
We could always find a way in through the rusty iron sheets
We’d stay as late as we could, till we were hungry
Life was such a great adventure we were best friends, Ray & Me

Ray lived with his big sister and his mum who was so kind
His father smoked like a chimney and his brother would lose his mind
If we touched his records or found his magazines
We had, but we weren’t that bothered, we were too young, Ray & Me

My Mum was scared of her shadow but she always did love me
My brother had married early after Dad left finally
We’d get the bus to Woolwich, to buy our food each week
It was always more appealing playing outside, Ray & Me

The dusk unwound into darkness and we sat outside and dreamt
In big theatrical whispers what we thought that it all meant
We talked about the future, how growing up would be
We were doubled up in laughter imagining ourselves, Ray & Me

Ray’s home was bought by the council and the bombsite cleared away
Now through the heart of my childhood is a six lane motorway
We would always be mates and take in turn each week
The journeys that became less frequent to each other, Ray & Me

I did a gig in east London that Ray came along see
He gave me his phone number which I lost, which is just like me

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