Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit

I’m having a bash with a guest list of one
Relentless pursuit that used to be fun
Where did it all start? How did it begin?
Relentless pursuit that’s done my nut in
I spend too much time tip toeing around
I’m standing on shaky ground
My bank of goodwill’s dangerously low
No one else made it so

You have what they call the magic touch
Turning water into wine
You got high on our love and trust
and it’s only a matter of time

Hello! Hello! Look who’s back again
Relentless pursuit my dearest old friend
Tons of ideas but none of them sound
Relentless pursuit a grail never found
If I shake the tree will it fall on me?
How will I know the score?
What have we got here a pleasure turned
into another chore

No messing around with boom or bust
It’s all bitten the dust

Everyone’s doing fine

And it’s only a matter of time

Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers - Pandemonium Ensues

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