Could it be a twist of fate or was it written
In tea leaves or maybe stars that we’d both be smitten
I couldn’t help myself but think you were fantastic
self sufficient, organised and enthusiastic
I followed every line of inquiry
Windows would appear in my diary
If there was a chance of seeing you

Building up not whittling down a total charmer
We’re together and it’s right no chaos or drama
Just one look at you can send my spirit soaring
Me and Mrs Malaprop present and adoring
We can laugh at most things we’re facing
I’m so happy that we’re embracing
This spark that exists between us still
Still ….

I know you love me, other times can’t stand me
Want to punch my lights out
Though sometimes I’m handy
I spit the dummy and sometimes bicker
But you make my pulse go much quicker
It’s not over the top to say I’m thrilled
Still ….

Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers - Pandemonium Ensues


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