Anyway I’m Happy

Anyway I’m Happy

I wish I knew what I was doing
Now my mind has escaped from my head
There’s love that I should be reviewing
But the words that I think, the words that I think I should say
I drift like a cork in the river
Floating with all the change with the tide
I hope that the pain won’t last forever
And the soul I get back will be mine

I hope there’s an answer worth hearing
Though I know I can’t hear what’s been said
The truth may be suddenly nearing
In the shape of expressionless, expressionless
The smile on my face turns to shivver
With the slightest small twitch to my pride
I watch as I see life deliver
A host of events that aren’t mine

As the tears of a clown roll away
I wish happiness here for today
And everyday
I want to be happy
I wish I could be happy

I wish with a coin in the fountain
That I get just a ghost of a chance
To move just the man not the mountain
If I want my new world, I want my new world
The shield that I carry is transparent
But no-one is saying what they see
Though it is very apparent
That the person behind it’s not me

But anyway I’m happy
What more could I ask
There’s a child in here smiling
Knowing it won’t last
But anyway I’m happy
Anyway I’m happy

For today

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