I Can’t Get Up Anymore

I Can’t Get Up Anymore

I can’t get up anymore my heart ticks so slow
There’s nothing to do I’m picking my nose
And counting the days that you have been gone
My heart went to jail my love’s out of song

I can’t get up anymore I’m lying in bed
I’m watching the day through a hole in my head
I turned myself down I can hardly be heard
Now I’m without a heart now I’m without a girl

I can’t get up anymore I’m a cold piece of toast
The doormat is full of newspapers and post
There’s a letter from you but I’m growing a beard
It will never be read cause I’m going so weird

Look what women can do I’ve bolted the door
Now I’m losing a screw
All this hunger and trial won’t achieve a result
But a nut can’t keep tight without the help of a bolt

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