Supermarket lights burn in the darkness
The chilly winter nights bring the scarves from the drawer
A crowd starts to gather on paving stone squares
Teeth starting to chatter as the staff leave the store

And daughters meet mothers and fathers meet sons
It’s too dark to walk home without anyone

The shopping precinct’s closed, it’s like a graveyard
The chain falls through the spokes as I unlock my bike
I cycle to the pub where I meet with my friends
And I know that it’s love as she pours me my pint

And strangers meet strangers and friends share their lives
I look at her again and feel butterflies

Now there’s no one around I push the bike home
The rain’s a lovely sound as it runs down the path
There’s our lights in the road, they amber the night
And there’s nobody home so I soak in the bath
And bubbles meet bubbles as they become one
I think about the world and what I have done

I pull the pillow to my side
And I imagine it is her
As I slip into the night
I know what I prefer
But I hope and I pray that one day she will say
That’s it’s true
I can’t live without loving you

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