Night Ride

Night Ride

Standing with his lady by his latest machine
Silver on his fingers and grease on his jeans
Looking like a dummy in a hardware store
Daddy was a loser in the Second World War

Come on out baby on my motor bike
And if it breaks down we can hitch hike
I’ll pick you up outside your school
Show those teachers just who rules

Come on now honey, gonna do you no harm
I got your name tattooed on my arm
Laying on the grass by the side of the road
Pimples on your skin and you’re all alone

Come on out baby, gonna break you in
I’m gonna grease my hair and shave my chin
My name don’t matter, ‘cos I guess you know
And I’ll give you this gift called rock and roll

On a night ride
On a night ride
On a night ride
On a night ride

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