(Difford / Tilbrook)

Standing at the altar
With his bride to be beside
Through the stained glass window
Came down a beam of light
The weight of the commitment
Poured over him with fear
Like ice cream in a filling
Now the future’s finally here

His soul had been replenished
By the words the vicar read
The organist dissected
All the pieces she’d been fed

Open your hands
Where once was a steeple
Then look within
At all of the people
Family and friends
In this congregation
Open your heart
To this celebration

The choir pitched in early
As his heart began to rip
His anxiety was swollen
With the quiver of a lip
He looked around the chapel
Seeing everybody there
He slowly fell to pieces and was only too aware

The vows were something special
So much deeper than he’d thought
Commitment bound in footsteps
That would be a lifelong walk

Standing in the picture with his family all around
Proud to see their Father
Finally put the anchor down
She had offered amnesty for a multitude of sins
Through the stained glass window her love shone down on him

Lyrics to Open by Squeeze

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