Out Of Control

Out Of Control

I like schoolgirls and lollipops
White socks and lemon drops
Stack heels and knotted ties
Tight jeans and painted eyes
Girls dressed in hockey gear
School days are always here

I like big girls and Spiderman
Deep water and Paris tan
Short skirts and lace-up flies
Long grass and starry nights
All girls in navy blue
Here’s what we think of you

I like blonde hair and sailor’s tops
Fish tights and prison crops
Long tongues and docker’s grips
Pony tails and sinking ships
Swim suits and judo gear
Look out the boys are here

Yeah I’m out of control
I’m out of control
And I don’t mind saying
It’s gonna be a good one tonight
I’m out of control
And I don’t mind waiting
For what you call a bit of all right
I’m out of control

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