Used to be
Where do you think he’s gone
That skinny boy in jeans
With some fantastic dreams
He leapt from song to song
And as he danced all night
Vivacious and polite
His face was always feared
By those he’d engineered
To grin from ear
To ear

Where do you think he went
The one who thought he was
The one nailed to the cross
His purse of fame was spent
On custom-made guitars
And big black shiny cars
When all he owned was great
And went down on the slate
That all he did was break
People’s hearts

Oh what do you think he’s done
This bright angelic youth
Who grew long in the tooth
He’s talked to everyone
About the things he’s said
Now he’s picked up the pen
To write it down again
Smiling brightly with the flame
He knew the wind by name
As a friend

Now it’s a joke as I up periscope
I can see how the land used to lie
The world would float then sink again like soap
You know I didn’t have to try
To find how things looked in your paradise

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