When Love Goes to Sleep

When Love Goes to Sleep

When the world has gone to sleep
I’m still up among the sheep
With my feet out of the bed
I’m my one and only friend
In my room of many nights
Many boys and many lights
Have been turned on and off
So my heart’s a little soft
It’s led to this here tonight
Now there’s just me here with I

When the place is in a mess
And you’ve tried to do your best
When the boys have come around
To pick up and then put down
All your tries are being judged
By the one you never loved
When the moment finally strikes
He gets dressed and says good night
And you’re puzzled by the mood
Because the piece that’s missing’s you

When the world has gone to bed
I’m my one and only friend
Just a cup with lipstick on
Is all I’m left with now he’s gone
Now I can’t get off to sleep
I’m among the lonely sheets
All my plans again destroyed
This doll doesn’t like to toy
Must be something that I’ve said
That leaves me this empty bed

No I’m not sleeping around
My bed’s turned up turned down
But when he decides to stay
I’ll sleep through all the love we make
When love goes to sleep

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