Cool For Cats – USA – 10″ – acetate

A 10″ acetate in a brown card sleeve.

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An oddity, this. I suspect that it’s a bootleg, made as a one-off to defraud a collector out of a large amount of money. I’ve got a collection of them, sold to me by the person who suspected they had bought bootlegs rather than A&M originals.

They’re individually cut directly onto the disc, which is soft enough to be cut directly rather than pressed – and therefore soft enough to wear out after being played. They are 10″ wide with two holes, one in the centre and one offset. They are mainly one-sided with an A&M label (a bit roughly printed) and liberal use of black and red crayons to mark them up with numbers and rings and words like “OK”. There’s even writing on the discs themselves. This version of [[Cool For Cats]] has the words “Cued” and “1 second” written on the run-off grooves.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

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