If It’s Love – UK – 7″ – picture sleeve

If It's Love UK 7″ picture sleeve

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AM 530 If It’s Love UK 7″ picture sleeve
If It’s Love / Frank’s Bag

The UK copy of If It’s Love released in September 1989 from the criminally ignored A&M album Frank. A&M still couldn’t spell Glenn with two ‘n’s.

Frank’s Bag is written by Difford, Tilbrook, Holland, Lavis, Wilkinson.

If It’s Love was featured in an advert for eHarmony: “Another spot called “If It’s Love” features real eHarmony couples sharing intimate moments in a variety of settings – swinging on a hammock, singing karaoke, and sharing an underwater kiss. The ad is set to the song of the same name by the band Squeeze.”
It’s no longer on YouTube.

If It's Love - eHarmony

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