Labelled With Love – UK – 7″ – withdrawn picture sleeve

AMS 8166 UK 7″ withdrawn picture sleeve


AMS 8166 UK 7″ withdrawn picture sleeve
[[Labelled With Love]] / Squabs On Forty Fab

This is a copy of Labelled With Love which was sent to the shops before Chris and Glenn’s demand that all the picture sleeves were destroyed because they disliked it so much.

Record Collector: “Another interesting sleeve is the one for “Labelled With Love”. Why was it withdrawn?”

Glenn Tilbrook: “It was withdrawn because it was a dire design. I remember it well, blood red lettering seemingly chosen at random, a bit like a blackmail letter. Completely inappropriate for the song – not much of an idea. But in fact, interestingly enough, someone came up to me yesterday with a foreign picture sleeve, which they had out in Europe, which was the same one that we had asked to be withdrawn. So it got out somehow.”

RC: “Were any British copies ever released?”

GT: “Not as far as I know.”

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