Tempted – USA – 7″ – picture sleeve

AM 2345 USA 7″ picture sleeve Santa Maria pressing

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AM 2345 USA 7″ picture sleeve Santa Maria pressing
Tempted / Trust

In a different sleeve to the UK issue, the USA release had a painting of Adam and Eve by Patricia Dryden and had “Trust” as the b-side. The release in the USA was on 16 June 1981.

This USA pressing of Tempted has no letter ‘y’ on the label. This means it is likely to be pressed in the Columbia Records vinyl record pressing plant in Santa Maria, California. The plant only seems to have put the identifying letter ‘z’ on LPs.

These A&M Records label codes identify which pressing plant was used:
X = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman
Y or y = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
Z = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
W = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
C = Monarch Record Mfg. Co. (pre-1985), Electrosound Los Angeles (1985-86)
B = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
R = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis

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