Squeeze – 26 September 1975 – live at City Hall, St Albans

Squeeze – 26 September 1975 – live at City Hall, St Albans

Squeeze on 26 September 1975, just about to support Curved Air at a gig in St Albans. This was only their ninth ever gig (eighth if you don’t count a Difford and Tilbrook show). Note original drummer Paul Gunn.

Glenn writes:

“This is the tail-end of the hippy concerts where everybody would just sit down, and we were travelling round in a transit van, three in the front, three in the back. We were trying to play really accellerated three-minute pop songs – to not much acclaim.”

Photograph kindly supplied by Lawrence Impey.

Curved Air light up the fans… …but for me Squeeze put them in the shade – says Peter Sutton

So Squeeze ended the evening. Squeeze are a rare phenomenon in these parts, these times: a band who play compact, two-and-a-half minute numbers, packing into that short time more energy and aggression than most bands produce in half an hour.
There is no obvious leader to the five-piece band and vocals are shared pretty evenly. Otherwise I would say they could soon be in the same league as Doctor Feelgood.
But never mind comparisons, Squeeze were tremendous.

Review kindly supplied by Harri Kakoulli.

Squeeze St Albans 26 September 1975
Thanks to Martin Stassen for the scan.

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