Glenn Tilbrook – 7 August 2003, Trilogy Boulder, CO

Glenn Tilbrook – 7 August 2003, Trilogy Boulder, CO – Solo acoustic show

Here’s what Chuck had to say about his videos of the show:

In 2003 Glenn Tilbrook, from the band Squeeze, played a solo acoustical concert in Boulder, Colorado. He was kind enough to let me shoot the show and do a brief interview.
This clip is from that concert.
I shot this on very short notice with a friend as a favor for another friend who had a connection with Glenn. It was done as something Glenn could use to promote his act but I don’t know if he ever used it for that purpose. I called the DVD “Unsqueezed” but that was just a working name I made up for the show. There was never any intent to sell it, so it’s been on a shelf all this time. Seemed a shame to just let it die there.
I had good sound and pictures, in spite of the bad stage lighting, and Glenn put on a great concert. This shows his act so much better than the other iPhone versions you see on You Tube.
The interview was done in 2003, so view it in the context of the time. Hope Glenn approves.
It’s been fun seeing these old tapes again. I’ll release them in small pieces over time so they don’t take so long to upload. If you’re a fan, I hope you enjoy the show.

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