There’s a new Squeeze compilation (“Not another!” I hear you cry) available on 29 May 2006. It’s called The SQUEEZE Story and, thankfully, is hugely different from the usual compilations churned out by large corporations. Over the past six months I’ve been working with Universal to bring you the Squeeze albums digitally re-mastered with new, unheard, tracks, new booklets and sleeve-notes in fact, new everything. The start of this huge re-issue programme is The SQUEEZE Story.

It’s available in special ‘book’ packaging, bound as a hard-back book with the double CD fitted into the covers and the story of the band written from earliest to latest times with a selection of memorabilia and photographs giving a sense of their changing fortunes, line-ups and, of course, the hairstyles. It’s intended as the perfect introduction to the whole work of the band with their standout tracks from every period.

The track listing is taken from throughout their career, selected by Chris and Glenn to represent their fans’ favourites (actually partly based upon a poll on Rather than repeating a “greatest hits” collection, it has obscure b-sides and album tracks that have become fans’ firm favourites over the years.

Disc: 1
1. Take Me I’m Yours
2. Goodbye Girl
3. Cool For Cats
4. Up the Junction
5. Another Nail In My Heart
6. Pulling Mussels
7. Vicky Verky
8. What The Butler Saw
9. Is That Love
10. Tempted
11. Piccadilly
12. Woman’s World
13. Labelled With Love
14. Vanity Fair
15. I Can’t Hold On
16. Black Coffee In Bed
17. When The Hangover Strikes
18. Annie Get Your Gun
19. Love’s Crashing Waves

Disc: 2
1. On My Mind Tonight
2. Last Time Forever
3. Hourglass
4. Waiting Game
5. Cigarette Of A Single Man
6. Can Of Worms
7. She Doesn’t Have To Shave
8. Letting Go
9. Gone To The Dogs
10. Maidstone
11. Some Fantastic Place
12. Cold Shoulder
13. Loving You Tonight
14. This Summer
15. Electric Trains
16. Temptation For Love
17. I Want You
18. Walk Away
19. Without You Here

It’s the start of their back catalogue getting the respect it deserves and includes tracks from Universal, Warners and Quixotic, so there are no glaring omissions. It’s also available at a bargain price why not buy it and see? This music is worth a tenner of anyone’s money.

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