Wow, David Has Been Busy!

David (aka packetofthree) has not only continued his flurry of blog entries here, but he’s also taken it upon himself to create a packetofthree channel on YouTube! He wrote to the Glenn List to invite us to go take a look at his latest addition, a live video of Glenn singing “Ray and Me” in Amsterdam in 2006.

That was fun to see, but I personally really got a kick out of seeing Squeeze perform “It’s Over” at a record store in Dallas! There are a few heads in the way, but that did not stop me from noticing the unlikely pairing of Glenn’s stripey trousers from the “This Summer” video with the fringed suede jacket from the “Some Fantastic Place” album insert! Definitely a fashion time capsule for him. Also, the performance is unusual in that Glenn and Chris are playing acoustic guitars, and the rest of the band are just standing around so they can sing the backups!

Check it out!

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