“Messed Around” tribute!

The Squeeze tribute project, Songs of Squeeze Revisited, is quickly moving forward. So far ‘Touching Me Touching You’, ‘Take Me I’m Yours’, ‘Separate Beds’, and ‘Messed Around’ are completely finished. ‘Messed Around’ is now up on the MySpace site for Songs of Squeeze!

It is an interesting take by the Canadian band, Black Turtle Dove – a very slow version that goes back to the song’s blues roots, which I feel really emphasises the lyrics. The band talks a bit about their inspiration and motivation for choosing that song.

The song spoke deeply to Roberto and Cynthia, as both had been “messed around” in their earlier lives – they had both been through difficult relationships in the past before meeting each other.

Cynthia says, “We always loved Squeeze! We felt that the song, ‘Messed Around’ spoke to us. Roberto’s lead vocal is defending me in regards to being abandoned with two young children and my vocal was meant to comfort him through his own trials. It felt completely natural to us”.

Roberto adds, “I’m still a big fan of Squeeze. Messed around is how I felt. I know that Cynthia felt the same way. We came together and leaned on each other to record this track. We stood up for each other.”

To read the entire blog entry about the song, go to Songs of Squeeze Myspace. The song itself is on the main page (I had to reload it to get it to appear).

The aim is to have all 48 songs from Squeeze’s first four albums finished in the next two months, but then of course there is the cover art and many other details to be finished. Burning Sky Records still expect to release the 4-album set this year.

I am going to be particularly interested to see the cover art, as a matter of fact! The covers for the other Burning Sky Records releases have been amazing, and just like everything else, they’re done by volunteers.

Cover art for JellyFish, Posies, and Roxy Music tribute albums

For the Roxy Music tribute album, entitled Take Refuge in Pleasure, they searched the globe for cover models, and had to do four completely different photo shoots, because in addition to the one-album main release, there was also a three-album “Deluxe and Delightful” release. The resulting covers are really quite spectacular, with elaborate costumes and sets, featuring models from Australia, Slovakia, and Ireland. You can see them all here at Burning Sky Records. I wonder what they will do for Squeeze!

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