Cool For Cats – UK – 7″ – picture sleeve – brown labels

AMS 7426 UK 7″ picture sleeve brown A&M labels
Released in March 1979

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AMS 7426 UK 7″ picture sleeve brown labels
Cool For Cats / Model

The single was edited down to 3:10 from the longer album version. The b-side was Model, a re-recording of the song featured on their debut LP. If you look on the vinyl near the label, in the run-off groove, you’ll find a matrix number. This tells you which metal pressing plate was used to stamp out the vinyl. For Cool For Cats the number starts at AMS 7426 A1 and goes to AMS 7426 A7, meaning that seven different plates had to be made to make the single (they wear out after several thousand copies).

On this version the labels are brown rather than pink.

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