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Squeeze are now in the US for their Summer tour. They start off on the Regis and Kelly show tomorrow morning. All dates for the tour can be found at

Squeeze ‘Spot The Difference’ is being released on Anchor & Hope Records in the US on 3rd August. Over the last few months lots of hard work has gone in to re-recording some of the old catalogue, this release is your first opportunity to hear these great songs all refreshed and lovely. We are very proud of the recordings and hope you won’t be able to spot too many differences!

Don’t forget we have the big UK tour at the end of the year, dates on the official website also.

If you have not joined any of the facebook pages do have a look, they are a hive of activity.

There is lots of exciting press and radio in the UK and US to look forward to this year, keep an eye on the websites and facebook/myspace pages.

Glenn’s ‘Pandemonium Ensues’ album is going to be re-released very soon on Saturday Morning Music Club. There will be additional tracks and videos/photos available. One of the tracks is a previously unreleased song and there will be demos and acoustic versions. If you do not know about SMMC please check out Chris Difford’s site for information.

Glenn will be going up Mount Fuji this August with the Love Hope Strength Foundation. You can find more information here:

You will also find information here on the bone marrow drives that LHS will be doing at all the US Squeeze shows this summer. We are really proud that we have managed to work with LHS to make this happen, all the venues and promoters on the tour have been very helpful in all arrangements so a big thanks to them also. If there are any (and we hope there will be) bone marrow matches from a donor that has donated from our shows, we will be informed and will pass that information on to you all.

Hope you are having a great summer.

Thanks for all the continued support.

The Quixotic Team

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