Some Fantastic Songs! (Squeeze Poll Results)

Recently when a friend of mine asked me why I liked Squeeze so much I paused and thought for a few moments before concluding, “They explained my life to me.”

When I was a young teenager “kitchen sink” songs like “The Prisoner” helped me understand how day to day life could lead to an intolerable situation, as in my own parent’s divorce. They also helped me see why being in love (new to me!) could be so hard.

When I was in my late 20’s and my eight-year relationship ended I listened to “It’s Over” (and the entire Some Fantastic Place and Play albums) until I finally believed that it was.

And when things started to get better after that very painful breakup, “This Summer”, “If It’s Love”, and many other songs helped me express what was happening inside me: optimism, possibility, fresh hope!

Squeeze songs are not simple. They are about complicated situations. Who would ever choose to be the couple in “Letting Go”? But at the same time, who doesn’t know exactly how it feels?

For many of us long term Squeeze fans, listening to their albums has been a journey we’ve taken while experiencing our own ever-changing lives. When you put all the songs together you get a tremendous tapestry of human experience, relationships, situations, and of course a whole spectrum of emotions.

A few years ago a large scale poll was conducted to find out what Squeeze fans’ favorite songs were, but the results were never widely published. Taking everything into account, with all the songs to choose from, which ones do we like best? These are the top 20 songs, which represent 61% of the total votes. The top 5 spots took a whopping 30% of the total votes!

1. Some Fantastic Place
2. Up The Junction
3. Another Nail In My Heart
4. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
5. Tempted

6. Is That Love
7. If I Didn’t Love You
8. Piccadilly
9. Annie Get Your Gun
10. Take Me I’m Yours
11. Maidstone
12. Black Coffee In Bed
13. Labelled With Love
14. Walk Away
15. In Quintessence
16. The Truth
17. Letting Go
18. Woman’s World
19. The Elephant Ride
20. Cool For Cats

Squeeze is touring in the US right now! Enjoy the shows, everyone!

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