hi hi ….. and velcome to my SMORGASBLOG!! – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

This week I have an announcement of such GIGANTIC proportions that it’s … BIGGER than The BIG BANG BANG

(at least in theory!) …… its ….lts …..iTS ….. ITS (!)

>>>>>>>>> (REALLY) LARGE!!

Yes! Stephen Large has finally hung up his cravats – and LEFT THE BAND!! .. WHAT?!?! – (hysterical screams of disbelief)
Yes! – Its true! … You heard it here second! … but … buT … bUT … WHY?!? ….
To ‘Lord it’ over a new manor – and all for the sake of an extra tanner! …. Anyway … that’s not even the most exciting part!!
Noooooooo! “Who?” (I hear you ask) on Earth is talented enough to replace the Thin White Duke of Peckham? …..
Well … I’ll tell yoo hoo …. Ladies and Gentlemen the coveted piano stool at King Arthurs Table will be sat upon by none other than ….. ‘drum roll please Simon’ ….
(sound of sticks being dropped) … the Keeper of the Keys – Mr. Piano himself – he’s posher than Large – (‘oh get on with it’) – O. K. then – iiiiiiiiiT’S ……
***** Steve Nieve (!)

Huge intake of breath – swooning – dribbling – expressions of amazement – ‘we already knew that’ – etc. etc.

More Bloggering Newz

Our local Police Chief gave a talk on Heroin the other day …
I couldn’t understand a word of it!

Squeeze cancel tour of Venus!

How could Stephen be nieve?
Was he Tempted?
ls that the end of an epoch?
What is an epoch?

Happy Trails Stephen ….


“What is it like being in Squeeze Now – compared to the old days?”
Find out right HERE – right NOW – in my bLoGtAsTiC new BLOG …..

*** THE WAY WE WAS ***

< <<<<<<< THEN ....in 1981 when we went on tour ... our bus always carried wine, spirits, and (at least) 3 crates of beer. >>>>>>>> NOW …… when we go on tour – our bus carries 3 members of Alcoholics Anonymous!

< <<<<<<< THEN ..... in the late 70's - after a show l would usually stay up all night partying with a bit of Slap 'n' Tickle! >>>>>>>> NOW …… after a show l usually head straight for my bunk and just chew a pickle!

In next weeks Blog …… REVEALED! … WHERE to find – ‘the Meaning of Life!’

Thats all for now folks! …. I’m Blogging Off!!

John the Bassist


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