always expanding … like the Universe!

Welcome to the great unknown.
Millions of years ago,
strange beasts
roamed the earth …
and then along came … Simon Handsome! … Arrrrrrgh!


in reverse order:
10. Floral Dance …… the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band
9. Johnny the Fox …. Thin Lizzy
8. the Eagle ……… ABBA
7. Ernie …………. Benny Hill
6. Two Little Boys … Rolf Harris
5. Spanish Fly ……. Herb Alpert
4. Spanish Eyes …… Al Martino
3. All My Loving ….. the Chipmunks
2. Easy Action ……. T-REX
1. Come Feel the Noise Slade

Many thanx for that Simon!
I love lists don’t you mate?

NEXT … more startling revelations in …

>>>>>> NOW <<<<<< in the year of our Blog 2007 I got a phone call (out of the blue) – from Glenn Tilbook asking me if I was interested in joining a band he was putting together called SQUEEZE! ..
“WHAT?!” I ejaculated (not literally you understand!) … you want me to go out on tour with YOU and CHRIS DIFFORD?! .. to play in front of thousands of adoring fans? … AND then get paid for it?! … “you’re ‘aving a laugh intcha?” … Hmmmmmm? … decisions decisions … oh alright Glenn – if you insist!

<<<<<< THEN >>>>>> way back in February 1979 Squeeze went to an awful lot of trouble to find a new bassist. In actual fact they’d already seen 58 Bass Pluckers in total .. that was until No. 59 – your Blagging Blogger stumbled into the audition wearing a black rubber T-shirt – biker boots – and a rather striking pair of scarlet trousers …
“don’t bother to plug your Bass in mate … you’ve got the job!”

I guess SOME THINGS just don’t change.

Wee at the BBC …
Last weeek SQUEEZE met up at the BBC Studio in Great Portland St. – to play a live session on the Lauren Laverne show on Radio 6. The show was hosted by the immensely talented Huey Morgan. Just before we were due to ‘go live’ I had to ‘go’ myself (well I didn’t want to be a hoppin’ and a boppin’ in front of thousands of listeners) …
You’ll be pleased to know that everything came out alright! … BUT … I got back to the studio with just a few seconds to spare AND as I walked in – I was greeted by a round of spontaneous applause! I plugged in my bass (kerplunk!) and Glenn counted off the first tune … I’d only just made it (phew!) … We were live ‘On Air!’
True to form – we knocked out lively versions of Take Me I’m Yours & Loving You Tonight …
Perhaps ‘I Can’t Hold On’ would have been more appropriate under the circumstances!
Check it all out on BBC Radio 6 Listen Again … here’s the link:

You’ve probably got about five minutes left before it runs out!

~~~~~~~ commercial time ~~~~~~~
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I went to the doctors the other day … he said “you’ve got Hypercondria!”
I said .. “oh no! … not that ASWELL!”

Next week in Bentley’s Blog:

until then
happy trails …

John the Blogtist



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