Europe Tour 1980 – UK – 7″ – gold vinyl flexidisc

SFI 567 UK 7″ flexidisc

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Europe Tour 1980 – UK – 7″ – flexidisc
[[Cool For Cats]] / [[Farfisa Beat]] / [[Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)]] / Take Me I’m Yours

A gold vinyl 45rpm flexi-disc with a central picture of the “Argy Bargy” LP sleeve, in a clear plastic wallet. One-sided, it consists of a medley of “Cool For Cats”, “Farfisa Beat”, “Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)” and “Take Me, I’m Yours”. The version of Pulling Mussels is particularly interesting as it was released by mistake with a different version of the song from the single, having a girly chorus of “Seaside, Beside”, “Suntan-Lotion” and “Deck-chair, Attendant”. Pressed in England by Sound For Industry, it was given away free to European concert-goers and never released in the UK.

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