So is this Steve Nieve chap any good on keyboards?

For many Squeeze fans this winter UK Spot the Difference tour will be their first chance to see Squeeze with Steve Nieve on keyboards.

You can go to steve nieve hebdomadaire for a weekly update on Steve’s progress. Here’s a taster of his fascinating writing:

Have you heard my podcast “The Daily Improvisation” ? Chill out for free.
Accessible from this site here and also on the Itunes store here. Greenwich is this week’s pit-stop, just round the corner from Peyton Place. Long time friends Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook and John Bentley, and new acquaintance Simon Hanson have welcomed me into their world, one that is familiar to me, even if I have been an ex pat for some time now. In an industrial complex just off a roundabout by the o2 center we have been blasting out the famous Squeeze hits together for less than a week, and these are some complex tunes. But these lads are constantly searching a new angle, so there are several small but essential details to spice up this UK Spot the Difference tour… Read more here

That’s all very well, but is he any good? Well here’s a brief clip of him performing [[The Knack]] at the soundcheck at the warm up show at Chinnerys in Southend on 13 November 2010. It won’t take long for you to make up your mind.

Visit for Steve’s official Web site
Steve’s page on Wikipedia

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