Harri Kakoulli – The Night Demons

Harri Kakoulli (Squeeze’s original bassist from 1975 to 1979) has been exceptionally busy recently releasing his world music albums and creating hypnotic videos to some of his best tracks. Check out The Night Demons which will be released later this year:

“The Night Demons” Is a track taken from my album titled “The Dub Temple”, This album wont be released till late December 2011. and will be available on all major digital platforms . . . I hope you like this sneak preview as much as me I will keep you informed on the exact date of release . . . Much Love & Blessings Harri XX

Here’s a video gallery of some of his other tracks – check out the brilliant Love Exotico!

[tubepress mode=”user” userValue=”kakoulli1964″]

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