Glasgow’s Acoustic Tribute Battle: Squeeze v Elvis Costello

News just in of a a celebration of some post punk power pop classics by Difford, Tilbrook and Costello. Tempted?

Hey, we’re putting on a free Squeeze Vs. Elvis Costello Acoustic tribute ‘battle” (a friendly one of course) in Glasgow on Wednesday 21 September. Basically performers have to email Jason at with their song choices (1 or 2 songs usually), to ensure there’s no duplicates. The audience then somewhat casually vote on who ‘won’ at the end of the night. It’s all very gentlemanly, really. If you could give it a plug on packetofthree it’d be really nice as it may bring along some new audience members. Thanks, Paul

It’s at the 13th Note Cafe, 50-60 King St, Glasgow, G1 5QT

Squeeze v Elvis Costello

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