When Daylight Appears – the latest demos CD from Glenn Tilbrook

The next in Glenn’s series of demo releases When Daylight Appears covers his demos from 1985-1991.

1. I Won’t Ever Go Drinking Again (?)
2. [[Hits Of The Year ]]
3. [[Big Beng]]
4. [[Break My Heart]]
5. Lover’s Tree
6. [[Hourglass]]
7. [[The Prisoner]]
8. Baby Town
9. [[Wedding Bells]] (When Wedding Bells Chime)
10. [[Striking Matches]]
11. [[Footprints]] (Footprints In The Frost)
12. [[In Today’s Room]]
13. [[The Waiting Game]]
14. [[Love Circles]]
15. [[Satisfied]]
16. [[Walk A Straight Line]]
17. [[Letting Go]]
18. [[Crying In My Sleep]]
19. [[Happiness Is King]]
20. [[The Day I Get Home]]

When Daylight Appears

Now available from the Quixotic Shop and from Glenn’s gigs in advance of its official release on 21 November 2011

So that’s the fourth out of five. What do you think the final one will be called?

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