Glenn supported by Steve Poltz

On this tour Glenn is supported by friend and collaborator Steve Poltz. He’s an ingenious guitarist and consummate showman so you’re all in for a treat if you haven’t seen him perform before. Whilst Steve is over here (he’s back in the US in time for Christmas) he’s writing a blog of his tour experiences – including being tricked into thinking he needed his passport to get into Wales. Here’s an extract and photo of what you’ll find at

We are in the RV in Wales sipping tea watching Charlton play Halifax on the telly. Charlton are up 1 nil. Since its not Halifax Nova Scotia Canada I’ve been ordered to support Charlton. Glenn is a die hard Charlton dude and he even tea drinks his tea out of a Charlton cup. Note exhibit A

2011-11-13 Pontadarwe

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