Learn Black Coffee In Bed with Glenn on Apple’s GarageBand

“Play guitar like a legend.”

GarageBand is Apple’s software to enable anyone to record, mix, master and share their own music. It’s also a great tool for budding musicians to learn piano and guitar – and who better to teach you than Glenn Tilbrook himself? You can buy Glenn’s incredibly detailed tutorial on [[Black Coffee in Bed]] from Apple. It features Glenn detailing how to play every aspect of the song with detailed instruction on chords from the master guitarist himself.

Watch Glenn introduce it here:

Black Coffee In Bed on GarageBand

As Apple say:

Play guitar like a legend.
You don’t need a studio full of big, expensive amps to play like your heroes. Just plug an electric guitar into your Mac and play through amps modeled after the most revered in the world. Add virtual stompbox effects that reproduce classic foot pedals. Then get a 3D view of your rig — complete with amp, speaker cabinet, and stompboxes

Black Coffee In Bed - on Apple GarageBand

Learn to Play: Artist Lessons.
It doesn’t get any more authentic than learning to play a song from the artist who made it famous. Have Sting teach you how to play “Roxanne.” Death Cab for Cutie will show you “I Will Possess Your Heart.” Learn the classic “Tom Sawyer” from Rush. And many more. Browse, preview, and purchase Artist Lessons from the Lesson Store in GarageBand. Then get step-by-step instructions for chords, finger positions, and techniques from the people who know your favorite songs best. Even play along with their bands and hear the inspiration behind every song — straight from the artist.

So who’s bought it and what did you think? As difficult as it looks? Or a piece of cake?

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