John Bentley Productions – studio and producer

On 12 June 2007 I posted the first Tickler Podcast featuring an exclusive interview with John Bentley about his time in Squeeze – including stories I’d never heard before. Here’s another chance to listen to it.

The Packet of Three Tickler Podcast:
001 – John Bentley

John will be busy in the studio between tours – here are some details of his studio for hire:

Here is what you get if you hire JB’s studio:

*Roland Electronic Drumkit
*Aria Electric Upright bass
*Gibson and Martin Acoustic Guitars
*Gibson SG and Fender Telecaster electric guitars
*1960 Fender precision bass
*Ibanez 5 string bass
*Fender bass v1 (tenor guitar)
*Classical (nylon strung) guitar
*Roland EXR-5 electronic keyboard
*Acoustic Piano
*Double bass

*Marshal 50 combo
*Fender 15 watt combo
*Mark Bass combo

*Two eight track digital recorders using individual MMD 140 Mini Discs
*AKG 1000S Mic
*Shure SM 57 Mic
*Shure SM 58 Mic

*Alessis Midiverb |||
*Sans Amp
*Line 6 Digital Delay
*Bass RC-50 Loop Station
*Boss Compressor/Sustainer
*Boss Tremelo

*LC electronic finaliser
*CD recorder

£30.00 an hour
These rates include services as Engineer, producer, arranger and musician

You can’t get a better studio, a nicer more experienced producer or a better cup of tea for that.

You can contact John here.

There are more Tickler Podcasts in the planning – so keep visiting :)

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