On this Day in Squeeze History

I’ve been running an ongoing series of posts to the Packet of Three Facebook Page featuring important events in Squeeze history called “On this day in Squeeze history”. I’ve featured gigs from throughout their career, with photos, ticket stubs, posters, audio recordings and videos. Just take a look at what’s in the archive here at www.packetofthree.com!:

The printed hand-bill for their 1975 concert at the Greenwich Borough Hall.
A photograph of their first line-up including Paul Gunn on drums at St Albans.
The first review of a concert by Squeeze published in October 1975.
Harri Kakoulli’s diary from 1975 containing setlists including Halfway I Fear, with a video of Chris and Glenn performing the song in 2014.
Mystery Squeeze photos from throughout the decades – most of which have never been seen before.
An exclusive interview with John Bentley and full details of his studio.
Plenty of videos.
Much audio.
The Squeeze songbook… and more.

Today I thought it was time for something different, so today in Squeeze history on 21 September 1978 was the day on which Squeeze delivered the 2-inch wide and 12-inches across reel of tape containing Side 1 of their unreleased, self-produced, second album recorded at Britannia Row studios.

Side 1:

(1) Ain’t It Sad
(2) Tess Tickle
(3) But in the Finish
(4) Monkey
(5) Touching You Touching Me

Ain’t It Sad was performed live but never released at the time, Tess Tickle became [[Slap and Tickle]], But in the Finish became [[Slightly Drunk]], [[Monkey]] never got released but was recorded by Dr Feelgood and Touching You Touching Me became [[Touching Me, Touching You]] and eventually made it onto the Cool For Cats album.

A&M rejected the self-produced album and the band got John Wood, the engineer from their first album sessions with John Cale, and a veteran folk producer and wonderful bloke, to co-produce with the band what was to become the Cool For Cats album.

That was On this Day in Squeeze History. Have a great day.

And if you have some interesting memorabilia, audio, video, memories or posters – please do get in Contact. Thanks!

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