Squeeze – live in Baltimore MD, 27-4-12 – audio recording

Squeeze, Rams Head Live, Baltimore MD, 27 2012

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Take Me, I’m Yours
d1t03 If I Didn’t Love You
d1t04 In Quintessence
d1t05 Revue
d1t06 Model
d1t07 The Knack
d1t08 Who’s That
d1t09 Is That Love
d1t10 Points Of View
d1t11 Melody Motel
d1t12 Heaven
d1t13 Bang Bang
d1t14 Cool For Cats
d1t15 Up The Junction
d1t16 Another Nail For My Heart
d1t17 Goodbye Girl
d1t18 Annie Get Your Gun
d1t19 Hourglass
d1t20 Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
d2t01 Slap And Tickle
d2t02 Tempted
d2t03 Black Coffee In Bed

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