The Rag and Bone Club

I love Stephen Large and Lucy Shaw of Glenn Tilbrook’s band The Fluffers and their new musical project is something special. Welcome: The Rag and Bone Club!

Don’t forget this Sunday 20 May at 7 Dials, Covent Garden with live band: The Rag And Bone Club (members of Ronnie Scott’s Rejects)

Please visit their web site at to “listen to moments of memorable musical meandering by The Rag and Bone Club in the MP3 player below. Many of these tracks can be found on the new album Take-away Everything.”

Take Away Everything
The Rag and Bone Club: Hazel Holder – Vocals · Stephen Large – Piano · Lucy Shaw – Bass · Andy Jones – Drums · Ben Cummings – Trumpet · Niall Oates – Saxophone

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