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The Squeeze tour is just about upon us, hope you have your tickets, it is going to be a great tour.

Here is a message from the band about a great VIP opportunity on a first come first served basis.

Calling all Squeeze fans – to celebrate the start of our UK tour we are offering a unique opportunity. Come and witness us at work in our production rehearsals the day before the tour starts on 15th November. We will be playing the new set, having a chat, our crew and management will also be around to fill you in on the inside scoop. This is a dressed rehearsal so as well as running the set we will be stopping, fiddling and perfecting. This is a unique opportunity in a secret location in North East London within the M25. The times will run approximately 3.00pm until 7.00pm.

A limited number of tickets are available at £50 each.

Please email with ‘VIP Opportunity’ in the subject box. Each email is limited to 2 tickets. If you are one of the lucky ones we will email you back with more information.

We also now have a limited number of Arse About Face Demos available from the Quixotic Shop. These were the demo CDs that were available at the US shows in the summer. This will now be the only place you will be able to find these.

Look forward to seeing you at a show along the way, thank you for the continued support.

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