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Some great news just in for John Bentley fans! John’s going to be releasing another LP – and this time it’s vinyl from Plane Groovy

Hi, some big news for you which has been published nowhere else yet. We’re currently putting the finishing touches to the very first albums of lyric-based songs by John Bentley. The album is called “…Based on a True Story” and will be a single heavyweight vinyl release, including a coupon for digital download of the album. Liner notes are being written by Chris Difford, there will be a lyric sheet included and we’re currently aiming for release around Aug/Sep. The songs are all really strong, I’m massively enthusiastic about this as is John.

I’ll be putting out more information over the coming weeks but for at least a day or two you have a world exclusive ;-)

If anyone wants more info about this release they can email me at

Cheers, Chris

based on a true story

Here’s one of my favourite unreleased John Bentley songs Thief In The Night:

Love it!

side one
track 1 – Its giving me the creeps
track 2 – Closing time
track 3 – Elvis & me
track 4 – Quicksand
track 5 – Kristine
track 6 – You didn’t care about love
track 7 – Thief in the night

side two
track 8 – I wanna be your slave
track 9 – Civilisation ho!
track 10 – Things could only get worse
track 11 – A mirror cracked
track 12 – The hangman
track 13 – Psycho fun
track 14 – Living in a bubble

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