Chris Difford’s Songwriting Retreat

See the man himself introduce this video:

Here’s what the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation say about it:

Chris Difford’s Songwriting Retreat Sponsored by the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation is like no other writer retreat. The BHEF is awarding a $10,000 prize to the best new participating songwriter, judged by a panel of experts including Chris Difford. But that alone is not what makes it so special. Chris, himself a two time Ivor Novello Award winner, and other successful WRITERS will collaborate with one another and also mentor unpublished writers. We’re confident the retreat will create new hits by established writers and discover great new songwriting talent – all in the bucolic setting of Pennard House.

Chris can make this luxurious location available at a rock bottom price due to the generosity of TBHEF who are subsidising the cost, The Production Room who are providing 6 state-of-the-ART workstations and renowned English luthier, Alister Atkin who is providing hand made guitars for the use of participants.

Although priority is given to disadvantaged youngsters, the Foundation is intent on giving opportunities to young songwriters whose raw talent justifies its INVESTMENT. Songwriters who will write hits and become sought after in their own right. Songwriters who will make the retreat renowned as THE annual event at which new songwriting talent is discovered and brought forth. Given the track record of the experts selecting participants, and the quality of the published writers taking part, we expect to set high standards. What ever the outcome, the legendary song catalogues of Buddy Holly, Chris Difford & Glen Tilbrook will set the benchmark these talented songwriters will strive to reach.

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