Squeeze Christmas Present Ideas #2

Well, what else should be on your Christmas list – for yourself!

Here’s a wonderful thing: a lyric book of Chris Difford’s lyrics. Perfect for the bedside.
Chris Difford's Lyrics - Lyric Book
You can buy it here:

Squeeze Official Shop: http://squeeze.mybigcommerce.com/chris-difford-lyric-book/
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Lyrics-Chris-Difford/dp/0957025734
Lyric Book: http://www.lyricbook.com/products/details/the_lyrics_of_chris_difford

As the Squeeze Offical Shop says, “Type a description for this product here..” Well, since that tells you very little, here’s what Chris Difford and Lyric Book themselves have to say:

“Having my words in a book makes me feel extremely grown up, I feel gratitude and more that my life has given me this place. I have always enjoyed putting pen to paper and this book I hope shows off some of my favourite lyrics. Writing with Glenn has been my life, and without him and his wonderful sway of melody I would not be here writing this today. I feel so lucky that to have written with so many great writers over the years. I hope you like thumbing through this book as much as I do.”
Chris Difford

The Lyrics Of Chris Difford

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