Squeeze Covered – Is That Love

It is often said that one of the reasons why none of the major artists have covered Squeeze songs is that the songs would just sound like Squeeze. I’ve never quite understood that argument but it did get me thinking about what the Squeeze sound actually is. Is it Glenn and Chris’s octave-apart vocal? Is it Glenn’s trademark fist full of chords and/or guitar solo? Is it Chris’s brilliantly observed lyric? Take “East Side Story”, quintessentially Squeeze. You can’t imagine any other band coming up with an album like that and expect to get away with it. Yet, there are so many different kinds of song on it, from country to soul, pop/rock to ballad, rock ’n’ roll to pop and from the quirky to the melodramatic. “[[Tempted]]” is as Squeeze as you can get and so is “[[Heaven]]” but had you not heard them before, would you have said they both came from the same band? I can’t describe what the Squeeze sound is but I know it when I hear it.
This week’s cover is faithful to the original and, therefore, it does sound like a Squeeze song. This is no bad thing when the band’s Travis and the song’s “[[Is That Love]]” from “East Side Story”.


Until the next time, toodle pip!

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