Squeeze Covered – When the Hangover Strikes

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you survived the festivities relatively unscathed (no pun intended) and are ready to tackle what 2015 has to throw at you.

In between entertaining and being entertained, I’ve been beavering away on YouTube looking for more Squeeze covers. I’ve had to become more and more creative in how I search because, quite often, YouTube’s returns reflect what it wants you to view rather than what you’re actually looking for. One of the searches almost got me excited before the more sceptical side of me took control. Typing “There’s No Tomorrow Difford Tilbrook” into the search field returned the following:
“There’s No Tomorrow (O Sole Mio), Dean Martin, ℗ 1950 EMI Music, Released on: 2013-07-02, Composer: Difford …..”

Not taking everything in first time round, I thought “Dean Martin did a cover of a Squeeze song? Did anyone know about this?” It was possible, Dean only died in 1995 and he was partial to a drink or two so it might have been something he could have crooned to. Then I looked again and noticed “℗ 1950”. Obviously it wasn’t the Squeeze song! This isn’t the only example of where YouTube has got something wrong but it does go to show that you can’t take things at face value and may have to dig a little deeper to get what you want.

This week’s cover choice is a song apparently offered to another member of The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, but he turned it down because it dwelt on the negative sides of alcohol. I would have loved to hear Frank’s interpretation of the song but I doubt it would have been better then Glenn’s vocal which is sublime. Candye Kane gives it a 1940s bluesy feel and does a fine job: [[When the Hangover Strikes]].

Until the next time, toodle pip!


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