Squeeze Covered – Hesitation (Rool Britannia)

In December 2014, an album called “The Art of McCartney” was released as a tribute to Macca and, depending on which package you choose, features up to 42 covers of songs written by him. I was really looking forward to its release, especially after seeing a list of the illustrious artists who had taken part in the project which had taken the best part of 11 years to complete. Tracks from the album were previewed on BBC Radio 2 before Christmas and to say I was less than impressed with what I heard is probably an understatement. Even the performances of my favourite artists, like Billy Joel, left me feeling disappointed. It’s a shame the album wasn’t made 20 years ago when most of the artists featured were still in their prime, unfortunately most of them are now past their use by date. Paul McCartney’s art deserves better. I’ll give it a few more listens to see if it grows on me in its entirety, maybe the dark nights are affecting my mood.

This week’s cover comes from the Burning Sky Records’ project which covered the first four Squeeze albums in their entirety and in their original track sequence. “If I… If I… If I…” is the result and is a loving tribute to Squeeze with, dare I say it, one or two of the covers actually sounding better than the originals. The one I’ve chosen is D A Karkos’s fantastic version of the album filler “Hesitation (Rool Britannia)” from Squeeze’s debut album. The video is pretty good too.

Until the next time, toodle pip!


Now, what did I do with that “The Art Of McCartney” CD …?

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