Squeeze Covered – It’s So Dirty and Out of Touch

“Broadcast Yourself” was a strapline used by YouTube in its early days and, boy, did the world broadcast itself as well as lots of other selves. Just about every aspect of life on the planet has been filmed, most of it interesting and well worth viewing but quite a lot that leaves you scratching your head with incredulity. It’s the perfect platform for showing the rest of the world your talent (or lack of it), whether that be singing and/or playing a musical instrument to one of your own compositions or covering a classic.

Squeeze songs are well represented. From the cute sisters, Niamh and Ciara, singing “[[Up The Junction]]” with actions and a Glenn type chord progression, to the slightly more serious artists showing us just how good they are (and usually turning me green with envy!). There are examples of people playing the bass/drum/piano part of a song and some also showing us how they’ve mastered one of Glenn’s famous guitar solos. One day, I’ll try to put a composite of these together and see if I can come up with something worth uploading. You never know, it might actually be good!

Because there are so many people willing to broadcast themselves covering Squeeze songs, this week I’ve chosen two. The first of them is from the serial Squeeze coverer, Stephen Ward (a.k.a. Wardie), with a Rod Stewart-esque vocal in his acoustic version of “It’s So Dirty”.


The second is one of my favourites of all the Squeeze covers on YouTube, “[[Out Of Touch]]” by the very talented Zeus Henderson and friends. This is a cover of the version originally sung by Paul Carrack for “East Side Story” rather than Glenn’s moodier offering that opened “Sweets From A Stranger”. Zeus’s channel deserves many more views and likes, so do your bit! I’ll definitely be featuring more from him in future posts.

Maybe it’s time for me to have another go at learning to play that Ukulele my wife (probably out of desperation) bought me for my last birthday but. Don’t expect to see me on YouTube with it, though!

Until the next time, toodle pip!


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